Annotated Bibliography informative speech

Autobiography on sociological information of personal sports and physical activity involvement
February 18, 2020
Five Faces of Oppression
February 18, 2020

One of the course requirements is a library visit and assignment. Your library search will involve several steps and result in the creation of an annotated bibliography on a topic you plan to present on. Completing this assignment will involve several steps.

1) Select a topic to find information and create an annotated bibliography. By annotated bibliography I mean a reference citation followed by a brief descriptive and evaluative summary of the source (author and/or publication). The evaluation could include 2 of the following CRAP principles: currency, reliability, authority, or purpose of the source cited. Then apply the source to your next major assignment (how will you use the source?)

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Annotated Bibliography informative speech
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2) Search the library for general materials on the topic you selected. Your bibliography must include six items:

a) A book (whole, part, chapter), NO TEXTBOOKS.

b) A newspaper or magazine article (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Newsweek, NY Times, etc.).

c) A scholarly journal (e.g., Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, Communication Theory, Ethical Space: The International Journal of Communication, Teaching Ethics Journal, Communication and Medicine, International Journal of Information Ethics, Journal of Applied Communication Research, etc.).

d) A government document or publication of a national or international agency (online).

e) A book review (Amazon can count if the review is at least a page).

f) A credible online source.

3) Each item must be relevant to your topic and available within the U of M library*.

4) Prepare an annotated bibliographic citation of each item.

a) Read and/or summarize each item, noting its main points and relevance to your topic considering course materials (readings, discussion, blog posts, etc.). Write one paragraph summarizing the reading, followed by one or two paragraphs describing and evaluating the content of the reading and applying the evidence a specific part of your speech or by identifying the evidence type as discussed in class. Consult the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style manual for a reference format.

a) Identify the topic you are studying in the title page for your annotated bibliography as well as your specific purpose.

b) The items should be listed in alphabetical order by first author.

c) At the beginning of your commentary, identify which of the categories it fits into (book, journal articles, etc.).

d) Different types of items will require different methods of citation. Follow the style manual carefully and be consistent

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