Strategic Management in Developing and Emerging Economies

Assignment Title: A Methodological Appraisal
February 4, 2020
Mental Measurements Yearbook Review and Ethical Use of Assessment
February 4, 2020

This paper requires the use of several assigned readings. I will upload a few of them now and I will upload the rest once I hire you. Please make an offer if you are willing to read them.

Your discussion must refer to and integrate/ synthesize as many of the
readings as possible and demonstrate understanding of how the different sessions “fit together”.

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Strategic Management in Developing and Emerging Economies
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 Format: there are different ways of approaching this paper – you can answer a question
that you provide yourself, argue a particular point of view, contrast and/or critique different
perspectives, analyze strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, etc. Fear not!: further
instructions and a grading rubric will be provided in class.

 Content: Please note that you are not required to cite any additional material (journal articles,
magazine articles, newspaper articles, documentaries, etc.) other than what is provided in class
but you may do so if you find something that you feel is particularly relevant and would
strongly your argument.

Guidelines for Individual synthesis paper:
• Submit in MSWord format (not PDF)
• Use the cover sheet provided on Virtual Campus/ Brightspace as the first page (does not count
for the 4-5 pages)
• You must apply relevant course concepts
• Do not summarize reading materials- assume your audience has read the same articles/ books
• You may, if you wish, use an additional page (i.e; “p.6”) for any graphs, figures etc. You may
use smaller than 11pt font on this extra page, and may include more than one graph or figure,
as long as the associated text is easily legible
• Include citations to the readings discussed in your paper (APA style)

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