Stock Refinishing and Metal Work

February 4, 2020
Hand Checkering Lab
February 4, 2020

Be sure you cite sources using Chicago-Turabian format and include a bibliography.

Use this week’s discussion to reflect on stock refinishing and metal work as they apply to your career or personal goals within the firearms industry. Answer the following prompts:

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Stock Refinishing and Metal Work
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Provide a general description of your goals, as they relate to firearms repair or customization.
For now it will be for personal repairs, Woodstock finishes, barrel crowning also for friends and relatives firearms, when im more confident I will expand to others*

Do those goals require you to finish or refinish stocks or metalwork? Why or why not?

If your goals do require proficiency in these skills, what additional processes or procedures do you want to learn to prepare yourself?

If your goals do not require proficiency in these skills, what is one way you can apply stock refinishing or metalworking procedures to your future in firearms repair?

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