Proposal Guidelines

Statistical significant
February 4, 2020
MUN’s Position Paper
February 4, 2020

The actual proposal needs to have more detail than the limited amount shown in the current document. This is OK as you will not have been asked for the additional elements until now. To assist you here is a framework for you to use:

In this first section you should describe the company/business/organisation/economy/region giving some idea of its history, its current situation in the marketplace (size, market share etc.,) and the current strategies if known. You should draw this first section to a close by focusing on factors leading up to the current challenge or problem definition.

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Proposal Guidelines
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Literature Review
Present (briefly) the literature most relevant to the topic.

Give the overall problem definition prior to the Purpose. The purpose should be along these lines.
• Here is just an example of the possible approach to writing one: This investigation is focused on………….. to find out…………….. in order to better understand…………….. so that the company can (do or decide)……………

Research problem statement
Present one central problem issue that is the locus of the investigation

Research Aim and Objectives
The aim should be clear and specific.

Clear specific and measurable research objectives should be formulated that will provide the information needed for management to act. There may be several objectives identified in your project and it is best to think through each of the objectives and list the information needs (research questions) for each one.

Research Methodology
Describe the secondary research you will be undertaking to gain the background information before commencing on the primary research. To focus more clearly it is good to break this down into internal and external. Internal include internal reports etc., i.e., information that can only be obtained within the organisation. External refers to the secondary information such as trade journals, industry journals, libraries, and Internet etc.
You then need to describe the primary research you will be undertaking. Once more this should be broken down into the exploratory research and the descriptive research you will carry out. You need to state specifically what exploratory research you are likely to undertake. This could include individual interviews, focus groups etc., but you need to specifically state who you will be approaching to gain the information.
The secondary research and the exploratory research should provide you with the information that will allow you to formulate the questionnaire for the descriptive research. You then need to think how you are going to administer the questionnaire, one to one interviews, telephone survey or mail survey. You also need to consider whether there are any specific difficulties that you need to take into account when analysing the data. In addition you need to consider whether any additional surveys need to be carried out such as for a conjoint analysis.

Significance of the Research
Think about possible impact your research might make on theory, practice and policy.

The purpose of preparing a timetable for your work schedule is to ensure that you allow yourself adequate time to complete the Final Draft. Therefore it is best to work backwards from that date estimating how long each stage is going to take. The more specific you can be with your dates the easier it will be to keep on target, provided you have allowed sufficient time for each task. (e.g. Remember mail surveys do take a long time to get the responses back which in turn hold up your analyses.)

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