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February 4, 2020
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February 4, 2020

Questions and Problems
Chapter 5: Case: Product Design Project (page 164). Answer all six questions in the textbook. You must use a project network analysis to answer these questions. (20 Points)
1. Draw a project network that includes all the activities.
2. Calculate the start and finish times for each activity
and determine the minimum number of weeks for the critical path for completing the project in the shortest
3. Identify slack in the activities not on the project critical
4. You have been asked to study the impact of making
two changes to how the project is organized. The first
change involves using dedicated teams that would
work strictly in parallel on the activities in each subproject.
For example, in subproject P (product specifications)
the team would work on P1, P2, P3, and P4
all in parallel. In other words, there would be no precedence
relationships within a subproject—all tasks
within a subproject would be worked on at the same
time and each would take the same amount of time
as originally specified. With this new design, all the
subprojects would be done sequentially with P done
first, then S, D, I, and finally V. What would be the expected impact on how long it would take to complete
the project if this change were made?
5. The second change to consider would be to select the
suppliers during subproject P and have them work
directly with the dedicated teams as described in step 4.
This would involve adding an additional activity to
subproject P called supplier selection and contract
negotiation (P5) with a duration of 12 weeks. This
new activity would be done in parallel with P1, P2,
P3, and P4. Subprojects S and V would be eliminated
from the project. What would be the expected impact
on how long it would take to complete the project if
this additional change were made?
6. Evaluate the impact of making these changes using
criteria other than just the time to complete the project.
Do you think it would be best to try to make these
changes in how the firm runs this and future cell phone
design projects?

2. Chapter 5: Discussion Question number 1 (page 157). (5 Points)

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1. What was the most complex project you have been involved in? Give examples of the following as they pertain to the project: the work breakdown structure, tasks, subtasks, and work package. Were you on the critical path? Did it have a good project manager?

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