Database and reference

Movie review
February 4, 2020
Stigma Related to Mental Health Concerns and Nursing Advocacy
February 4, 2020

This class assignment is designed to help you locate the scholarly articles pertaining to your study topic using the library research database.

  1. Database and Reference

What database did you use?
What keywords did you use?
How many articles did you get as a result of your search?
Select at least 5 articles you’re interested in and make a reference in APA style.

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Database and reference
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  1. Choose one scholarly article whose full text is available and read it through. Answer the following question based on the selected full-text article and submit the electronic copy of your article(pdf file).

What is the research topic of the article? What are the research questions in the article?
Who is the sample population of the study?
What are the results of the study?

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