Battle of Lexington

Practitioner Interview
February 4, 2020
Ursula Burns
February 4, 2020

As directions from the document attached: Our historical question (begging for examination): What happened at the Battle of Lexington? And who fired the first shot?

The background: First, take a moment and re-read the brief account of the battle in Unit 2, Module 2, on the Early Battles of the Revolution page.

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The Battle of Lexington is perhaps best known in primary sources for its chaos, and thus in the primary sources, there are conflicting accounts of what took place. In this assignment, your task is to work through the document below and fill in the areas noted.

Please note: The tasks below should be completed in order and are intended to walk you through a process. Accordingly, I am much less interested in your accuracy of interpretation during your initial analysis of the sources and much more interested in how your thought process evolves and how you answer the final questions.

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