Assignment Title: A Methodological Appraisal

Critical thinking and evidence-based practice
February 4, 2020
Strategic Management in Developing and Emerging Economies
February 4, 2020

Programme Title BA (Hons) Business Enterprise

Module Title Research Design

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Assignment Title: A Methodological Appraisal
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Assignment Title A Methodological Appraisal

Level 6

Assignment Format Literature Review/Informal Report Style

Module Learning Outcomes covered in this assignment i. Evaluate the key issues surrounding data collection and sampling methods employed by businesses and not-for-profit groups.
ii. Critically appraise the issues that influence and effect data analyses, interpretation and communication of findings.


You are required to critically review the literature to provide an overview of sources you have explored while researching the nature and characteristics of the methodologies used and the thinking behind these approaches for a particular topic of your choice. You are required to answer ALL tasks.

Task 1 – Identify with, and clearly state the research-related topic of our choice. For example, a consideration to your vocational or employment setting (100 words).

Task 2 – Critique the contemporary literature available on what is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research (600 words).

Task 3 – Evaluate the main data collection tools (e.g., interviews, observation, questionnaires) and discuss the challenges of implementation (800 – 1000 words).

Task 4 – Review the key sampling strategies available and assess the common implementation challenges (750 words).

Task 5 – Critically appraise the common aspects to ensure data quality (i.e. SCRIPT) that you may encounter (600 words).


An individual 3,000-word assignment – written in review format. This review should explore the methodological challenges involved in investigating research design and implementation. The assignment is sub-divided into five (5) tasks, ALL tasks must be done. A word allocation is assigned to each task as a guide only.

Okay, I would like to do the topic is:
Assessment of deregulation of prostitution in Hong Kong.
Let me know if you have a better idea, otherwise, just use this one.

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