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January 28, 2020
Rhetorical Analysis Essay
January 28, 2020

Your Assignment:
Select one advertisement from the course Google Drive 85B Essay I. folder. What story does this advertisement tell? Specifically, analyze and prove through formal examples (what the text communicates visually and aurally) what the ad promises the consumer. What “solutions” to contemporary dilemmas does the product promise? That is, beyond the purchase of the product itself, what does the ad imply that the consumer will really achieve?
Each essay should be four (4) pages in length, typed, and double-spaced using a font of no larger than 12- point. Your essay should have a title page with an original title that points to the central ideas of your argument. The title page should include: original title, the course number, your name, your Teaching Assistant’s name, your discussion section day/time, and the date on which you turned in your paper. Do not repeat any of this information on the succeeding pages of your paper (e.g., disable running headers). Please make sure that you keep a printed out, hard copy of your essay in addition to the paper that you turn in. Proofread, review and revise! Remember, 99% of writing is rewriting—allow time for multiple screenings and multiple drafts. This short essay is 20% of your grade. Papers will be collected by your Teaching Assistant promptly at the beginning of lecture section on Wednesday, January 29. Any essay turned in after the conclusion of the class meeting in which it is due will be penalized one-third letter grade for each day it is overdue (starting at the end of that class session). Late submissions are unacceptable. Please make sure to carefully review the grading and late-penalty policies for FLM & MDA 85B, as outlined in your syllabus and received on the first day of class (and available online at the course website). It is your responsibility to be familiar with these policies and to follow them as part of successfully completing the assignment. This paper should use no references beyond your chosen advertisement, though you may refer to Marchand’s essay and class lectures/discussions.
Please review the assignment and screen the commercials to choose your advertisement soon as possible after receiving your assignment. You will want to screen your chosen advertisement several times to develop your argument about the story it tells and the solutions it proposes. As you screen, take notes on the visual (formal, aesthetic) elements of your ad and on the aural (sound, music, dialogue, effects) of your ad. Re-screen as many times as needed to develop your paper’s argument and clear examples that evidence/convince your reader of that argument. Outline your paper before you start to write.

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Film and media
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