Critical Thinking Essay

How did American women gain the right to vote in 1920?
January 28, 2020
Compare and/or contrast the Gatsby book and film ( 2 literary terms)
January 28, 2020

Students will critically examine various program competencies and behaviors, use
research-based literature and readings about a given subject matter such as the
knowledge, values, diversity and/or skills involved with working with at-risk or
oppressed groups.

CTE Requirements:
Requirements for CTEs are as follows:

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Critical Thinking Essay
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  1. Analysis of practice, theory, & NASW ethics representing identified
    competencies and/or behaviors and their relationships in the context of group/
    family work
  2. Literature from at least 4 sources (including 2 Social Work Journals)
  3. Course text may be a reference; and
  4. Social Work Code of Ethics must be referenced; There is a new edition
    (2017) of the Code of Ethics – be sure you are using the most recent
  5. APA style (NEWEST FORMAT AVAILABLE) – this is a must! You should integrate all feedback received on your
    APA from all BSW faculty in your time throughout the program
  6. Cover page with the CTE number and the due date plus APA required items
  7. Two or more full pages, formatted with 12pt font size, and 1-inch margins
  8. Reference page

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