Using only Donald L. Niewyks “The Holocaust”

Using War & Genocide by Doris L. Bergen
December 4, 2019
Establishing a clear argument
December 4, 2019

Examine the arguments and evidence of Bartov, Browning, and Lifton. Which author(s), if any, do you most agree with and why? Be sure to describe each author’s evidence when identifying their arguments.

In the document:
In the header, replace ‘Lname, Fname’ with your last name and first name.
In the body:
Adjust the Title to read Niewyk.
Replace the Latin ‘dummy text’ with your answer.
When you save the file:
Replace ‘LastnameFirstinitial’ with your Last Name and First Initial.
Replace ‘essay’ with Niewyk

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Using only Donald L. Niewyks “The Holocaust”
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