Establishing a clear argument

Using only Donald L. Niewyks “The Holocaust”
December 4, 2019
Goldman Sachs Executive Summary
December 4, 2019

Requirements: At minimum, your final essay should be at least four fully developed paragraphs. You should refrain from using any informal or overly conversational wording, vague and unnamed pronouns, or second person. The essay should be grammatically correct with few to no major errors or typographical problems. The essay should demonstrate the ability to construct a logical and well-developed college-level argument about a work of literature.

Goals: You will select one of the three questions provided [at the time you open the exam] from which to form and develop your literary argument. Please follow the guidelines taught this semester by:

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Establishing a clear argument
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Establishing a clear argument
Asserting strong supporting points in the body paragraphs with clear topic sentences that guide the reader through the body of the paper
Avoiding major grammatical errors
Demonstrating good formatting and citation skills
Remember that you should cite the works properly (introducing quotes properly and citing page numbers in parenthesis). Also, be prepared to create a works cited for the two essays you are referring to (the citations should be posted at the end of your essay.

Very Important: Remember that you should continually select and copy your draft work so that if you are inadvertently locked out of the test, you can copy the work into a Word file and submit through e-mail attachment within the two hours of allotted time {from when you opened the exam}. I will not accept your work if you submit beyond the allowed two hours. If you have questions about this, contact me BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE EXAM.

Your essay should contain:

A strong opening paragraph [introduction] that establishes a context for the argument, and ends with a strong thesis that asserts your position
Body paragraphs that lead with a clear statement of support for your proposed thesis argument and textual support [quotes] from the two essays in question that help support the overall argument. Remember that you should begin and end each body paragraph with your own words, and not with a source quote.
A conclusion that brings the argument to a successful conclusion that does not leave the reader hanging or assert any new points un-developed in the final paragraph.
A Citation for each of the two essays. Remember, each should be cited as an entry in an anthology.

I. You should use your Wake Tech English 111 Reader, and cite each essay you use from it separately.

II. You may use your LB Handbook and a dictionary/thesaurus to aid with your draft work and revision

III. Absolutely no borrowing from Web/Internet sources is allowed. Any cut and pasted in wording from the internet will result in an automatic “F” on the exam.

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