Law Assignment

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November 11, 2019
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November 11, 2019

Reading Log for Calvert’s Mass Media Law Chapters 7 and 8

1 Who can sue for unauthorized use of their name or likeness?

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Law Assignment
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2 When is consent not enough to protect one who uses the name or likeness of another?

3 What practical assumptions can one make about privacy as a member of the press?

5 Under what circumstances is it illegal to publicize private information?

6 Give two examples of private information a journalist should consider not publishing for fear of losing a suit claiming publicity to private facts.

7 Why do many news outlets have a policy of not naming rape victims?

8 What is the difference between libel and a false-light privacy claim?

9 Can a fictionalized account based on a real-life occurrence (in which names and details have been changed) be the basis for a successful law suit?

Some of you will be called on randomly in class to comment on the reading. Plan three different talking points. These might include:

In your opinion, does the press go too far in reporting on the private lives of celebrities and politicians? Does this negatively impact who will run for office?
Have the Internet and social networking sites including Facebook lessened what we consider to be private facts?
Are there good rationales for naming rape victims, in your opinion?

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