Beer Map

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November 8, 2019
Law Assignment
November 11, 2019

Beginning in the Middle Ages, beer began to appear in many parts of the world through independent brewing practices, trade, and colonialism. In our texts, we have read about places such as Egypt, Rome, Ireland, Africa, and Belgium, amongst other locales. In the timelines you developed last week, other locations were identified.

For this module, you will identify a region of the world that was significant in the history of beer development up until the Middle Ages. To do so, find a map of your chosen location and create a Word document that contains the following elements:

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Beer Map
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A copy of your map pasted directly at the beginning of your document
A detailed, comprehensive write-up of your chosen region. Your write-up must be at least 750 words and should contain detailed citations from at least one of the our texts, in addition to any other academic sources you consulted in your research. In writing, be sure to indicate why this region was significant to the history of beer.
Pick a writing style (MLA or APA) and be consistent in use. If you need help with MLA or APA, manuals are available in the ASU bookstores, online vendors, and online resources.

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