Immigration Policy

Business Skills – HighTech recruitment assignment
November 8, 2019
Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)
November 8, 2019

Length: 6-8 pages, not including the title page and bibliography, double-spaced, 12pt font, and 1” margins, in APA format.
Topic: The purpose of this paper is to expand your knowledge of a specific topic from the course and improve your writing and research skills. You will probably find this assignment most appealing if you choose a topic that either intrigued you a lot or troubled you. To aid you in choosing a topic, you may use a topic from either the textbook or one of the articles used in the course. If you chose a topic from the articles, you may use the article as one of your required academic sources.
1. In the paper, demonstrate that you have thought independently and creatively about the readings, class discussions, and other material related to the topic you have chosen. Analyze your chosen social problem and social policies addressing this problem using the policy analysis framework in Chapter 2 as a guide for what you should cover in your paper.
2. You must use, at a minimum, the book and 3 outside academic sources. Academic sources include other textbooks, non-fiction works on your subject, and peer reviewed journal articles from journals such as: Aggressive Behavior, American Journal of Criminal Justice, Criminology, Police Quarterly, Journal of Family Violence, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, etc. If you are still not sure what an academic source is, please contact the instructor, the library, or the writing center for more guidance.
Sources that are NOT considered academic include: Wikipedia, television news channels, weekly magazines such as Time or Newsweek, etc. The easiest and free way to find these is using the university’s library website, but you may also find them using Google Scholar.
3. You must use citations correctly! This means using quotes correctly when using text word-for-word, citing your source when paraphrasing someone else’s idea, and in either case, providing the author’s name, year published, and if a quote, the page number. APA is the preferred citation style. The best sources to use if you are not sure about a citation are the writing center or An example of correct APA format will also be posted to Canvas.
4. Be sure to proofread your paper, correct spelling and grammar will be part of the final

Visual Presentation:Follows APA format. Cover page with relevant info, including descriptive title. Section headings. Clean and professional looking.
Structure: Thesis is clear, easy to find, and appropriate to the assignment.Thesis is supported by the rest of the paper. Paper contains a “roadmap” for the reader. There is a logical flow to the topics/arguments. Conclusion follows clearly from the arguments presented.
Research:The evidence comes from a wide variety of valid sources. The bibliography is complete and reflects appropriate sources. The evidence used reflects multiple views.
Thinking: Arguments are pertinent to the topic. Arguments are logical, supported with evidence.
The key arguments have been made – no major points have been left out.
Interest factor: Language and style appropriate for intended audience. Paper presents well-developed analysis and synthesis. There is nuance, inference and subtlety to the paper. Main points are memorable. Reader is very engaged.

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Immigration Policy
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