Stockholm Syndrome
November 8, 2019
Supply Chain Management- Dry dog food
November 8, 2019

Books: How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia. 53-58. by Mohsin Hamid and In The Penguin Book of Migration Literature ed by Ahmad Dohra
This is our second week of readings under the topic “Departures.” Rather than compare the texts this week to some of the other readings we’ve done in class, I’d like for you to focus exclusively on them and provide a close-reading about how they each explore this concept. You are free to choose just one text and devote your entire post to it or you can go back and forth between all three readings. Two ideas/approaches you may want to consider: 1) Mohsin Hamid’s use of the second-person perspective, which is relatively rare when it comes to fiction; 2) How Warsan Shire and Dunya Mikhail use poetry in order to explore circumstances that make the idea of departure not only desirable but necessary. Make sure you provide citations from the text(s).