Written Game Analyses

Political Science Research Paper
November 7, 2019
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November 7, 2019

Students will write an analysis of the game using the course readings to analyze and reflect on the underlying psychological principles of the experienced games. Students will analyze the in class gaming experiences and must reference associated course readings in each analysis. Only use sources that’s provided. Part 1: 6 Features of a Game Consider each of the 6 features of a game outlined in the Juul (2005) reading. To what extend did the game you played in class contain (or fail to contain) each of the 6 features from the reading? Would you consider this to be a “game” based on this definition? Part 2: Experience Economies Consider the two dimensions of Experience Economies as outlined in Park and Song (2012). Where did this game fall on each of these dimensions of experience economies? Justify and explain your answer. Based on Park and Song (2012), what type of people would most enjoy this game (think of the personality traits discussed in Park and Song). How does that fit in with the reality of who actually seems to enjoy the game (and whether or not you enjoyed the game)? Part 3: Game-Specific Readings Talk about the game you played in the context of at least 2 of the game specific readings from UBLearns. This can be as creative as you would like for it to be. Some examples include (but are most certainly not limited to) a consideration of how the readings can explain why the game is fun (or not fun), how you can use the readings to help make a better game, or how you can use the readings to help make yourself better at playing the game. You can take this anywhere you’d like so long as you use at least 2 of the supplemental readings for this part of the paper.