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November 6, 2019
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November 6, 2019

The faith and physics paper is the final project for this course. By the end of this semester, students will have been exposed to the breadth of topics which encompass physics. They will have worked problems enhancing their understanding of the concepts and enabling them to apply the concepts to physical situations. Students will also have seen the various ways in which physics intersects faith, many of them in this semester since quantum physics and relativity reach into realms of reality with which we are unfamiliar. We bring all of those ideas together in two papers during the semester – one a five page paper on the intersection between faith and physics and the second one an essay. Refer to semester checkpoints for rough due dates relating to this project. The student may choose any topic which intersects faith and physics. From the faith we place in friction as we take each step to the faith we place in God who is the ultimate observer, there are infinite ideas that connect physics to faith. Some specific physics concepts that we will investigate this semester are wave / particle duality, the scale of the universe, origins, irreversibility and chaos, ethics of technology and the cosmic speed limit. These concepts are areas in which faith often enters the discussion. These
are some suggestions to get the wheels turning.
The one-page essay:
Must connect faith and physics.
Must be written in one of the following styles:
o Persuasive speech – a speech with a strong ending
o Poetry / prose – an illustration in words
o Story / metaphor – a demonstration of an idea, literal or figurative
May or may not be related to the five page paper. Some ideas of this one page paper are :
o The opening narrative for the five-page paper.
o An illustration upon which the five page paper builds.
o A stand-alone thought-provoking idea which makes the reader pause.
Must be your own ideas. What do you think about the topic? What makes you feel that way?
The five page paper:
Delves deeply into the chosen topic, which must connect faith and physics
o Well supported with sub ideas and evidence (can be anecdotal)
o May include your entire one-page essay – so long as it makes sense and the paper flows
appropriately. (It cannot be “tacked on” at the beginning or end of the paper just to make
it longer…)
o No references are required. This is an opportunity to share your own thoughts.
o If references are used, they must be cited appropriately. Your own thoughts will be given
the most weight.
These will be graded according to the paper / essay rubric given in the syllabus supplemental document.

NOTE FROM STUDENT: The five page paper needs to relate faith to science. It can compare and contrast for example things like the creation of the world according to religious beliefs and according to science belief. Things that lead to conflict and religions (specifically christianity, don’t talk about any other religion). Things like was Adam really the first man. Does science explain? Does religion explain concepts in quantum theory, things like waves, light etc. you can also tell a story involving religion and how science tells or explains in differently and talk on that more.

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