English Accents and Dialects

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You have been assigned one of the specific geographical dialects discussed in the 5th edition of English Accents and Dialects (2012) by Arthur Hughes, Peter Trudgill and Dominic Watt. The dialect location that you should focus on is Norwich. You will need to listen to the sound file that I have included in the files section, and read the transcript of the recording and commentary provided in the textbook, which I have included as well, before completing the following task.

Write an essay that discusses THREE key dialectal characteristics of the recording assigned to you. These characteristics may be grammatical, lexical or phonological (e.g. two grammatical and one lexical) and should be characteristics typically associated with the speaker’s dialect (Norwich).

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English Accents and Dialects
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For each linguistic feature, you should:
1) provide a brief historical outline of its known usage, and comment on whether or not the speaker uses the feature in the recording;
2) comment on the extent to which the feature is known to be specific to the location the speaker in the recording comes from; (Norwich)
3) refer to relevant academic literature to provides a factual basis for your analysis, making good use of the Reading List;
4) remember to use IPA if discussing any phonological features;
5) references should be formatted according to the University’s Harvard style guide.

In the files section, I have included the recording and its transcript, some pages from the textbook about the Norwich dialect, some examples from past essays from other students, and a picture of the reading list which you should use as sources.

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