Criminal Justice Questions

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
November 6, 2019
Video Review Task
November 6, 2019

Answer each question. Specify the question number with your response. Must be double spaced with 12 point font. Be very detailed, and use examples to help readers understand your points.

3. The Cohabitation Revolution

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Criminal Justice Questions
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How do you think the “cohabitation revolution” presented by Smock and Manning has changed, or might change, the way we view family formation? Is it changing what counts as a “family”? What evidence can we use to determine an answer to this question?

5. Findings from Family Process Studies about What”s Good for Children

Cowan and Cowan present a new model for studying how parental characteristics affect outcomes for children. After reviewing the limitations of trying to discover “what’s good for children” by looking at family structure (e.g., increased rates of single parenthood, divorce) and at demographic trends (e.g., declines in marriage rates and birth rates) and at debates about about “family values,” they offer their framework for studying what’s good for children, a family process model.

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