Branding Case Study Assignment

The Ethical Cost of Doing Business Debate
November 6, 2019
Mercantilism Economic Theory
November 6, 2019

Read the assigned case study and answer the following questions in your individual case study analysis:
• Describe the main problem presented in this case in a short paragraph (150-200 words)
• What are some of the critical questions proposed by this article? (minimum 3)
• Provide recommendations for Burger King (positioning strategy, resource allocation, select two of eight mock-ups and address questions from Part 4 such as ‘How will you measure their performance?’, ‘How should social media influencers be involved?’ and ‘What are the risks? How can you mitigate them?’).

You do not need to create your creative campaign. However, you need to conduct additional research of your choice (qualitative or quantitative methods) to explain what is great about Burger King brand, supplement findings from interviews, and justify your selected positioning strategy, resource allocation, and campaign mock-up selection. Please review supplemental online materials. (minimum 300 words)

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Branding Case Study Assignment
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General assignment guidelines:

Assignment should be approximately 1.5 pages long (1.5 spaced, bullet points are allowed). This excludes the photos taken during the Field Activity.
Use headings/subheadings, paragraphs (structured text is preferred over essays)

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