Personal experience in social psychology

The Novel, News of a Kidnapping By Gabriel García Márquez
November 5, 2019
Research Article on population sample
November 5, 2019

To encourage you to apply social psychology theory to your everyday life, you are to write a2 short (3 5-6 page) essays during the course of the semester. Each The essay must include: (1) a short description of a personal experience or an observation which exemplifies one of the social psychological phenomena covered in class or the text; (2) a brief explanation of the theory dealing with this phenomenon along with a summary of a research article from a peer-reviewed journal investigating this theory or phenomenon (include the research question, hypothesis, population, methods, results and conclusion), (include citation at the end of your paper), and (3) an assessment of how well you think the theory or phenomenon investigated in the research article explains your personal experience. Give reasons for your assessment. Include the reference for your research article at the end of your paper in APA format.a hard copy of the original article with your paper.

The term you use that is conformity and obedience. Use the definition from Social Psychology (131th Ed.). David Myers and JeanTwenge;. Published by McGraw Hill. 20183. The personal experience relate the Asian family.