Operations Management – Breakfast at the Paramount Case Analysis

History Assignment
November 5, 2019
The Novel, News of a Kidnapping By Gabriel García Márquez
November 5, 2019

Provide answers to the following questions via a typed analysis.

Your paper should be typed, in paragraph form, 12 point font, double-spaced. You should provide a thorough analysis that includes answers to the questions below. Your paper should be a minimum of 3-5 typed pages.

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Operations Management – Breakfast at the Paramount Case Analysis
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The case focuses on the restaurant’s interesting seating policy and a recent increase in the popularity of carryout orders, which poses a threat to the service experiences of customers and the sustainability of the operation.

Please read, watch the videos, and engage with the interactive exhibits in the multimedia case, and use the following questions to guide your analysis.

1) Based on your reading of the case and your observations through interaction with the videos and multimedia exhibits, what factors contribute to and detract from dine-in customers’ service experiences waiting in line at the Paramount? How might Michael Conlon redesign the process to improve the experience?

2) Analyze the Paramount’s seating policy. How does the seating policy contribute to the restaurant’s capacity to serve customers? Why does it work?

3) Experiment with the queuing calculator and calculate the length of the Paramount’s line. What happens when the arrival rate (the number of customers arriving per hour) rises in relation to the service rate (the number of customers served per hour)?

4) What advice do you have for Michael Conlon about how to respond to the increase in carryout orders at the Paramount?

Your analysis of this case can be broken down into seven parts: 1) an analysis of the Paramount’s operating process; 2) an exploration of how its seating policy stacks up against traditional table service; 3) consideration of how the Paramount’s operational design influences customer experiences and behaviors; 4) the effect of increasing carryout orders on queuing dynamics; 5) a re-examination of customer experiences and behaviors under carryout orders; 6) a re-examination of the Paramount’s value proposition under carryout orders; and 7) a discussion of customer compatibility and the centralized selection strategy used by the Paramount to manage it.

Develop a process flow diagram, and by using information in the case, calculate the processing time for each stage of the process.

The case describes how the Paramount’s cafeteria-style seating policy is uncomfortable for guests. Why is Paramount choosing to inflict this experience on customers? Based on your process analysis, calculate the number of customers the Paramount can serve per hour with its existing seating policy, and compare that to an estimate of how many customers it could serve per hour with a traditional table service model.

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