Human Resource Management

Personal Inventory and Comparison to Survey Data
November 5, 2019
Area Paper
November 5, 2019

Human resources management is constantly changing. As societal and technological advances evolve the workplace, human resources management must evolve as well. In many such cases, controversy arises as there are:
1) Canadian laws that compete with each other, or
2) grey areas in the Canadian legal framework.
To find such controversy, one does not need to look any further than the news. Novel human resource management issues surface on a weekly basis, and it is essential for HRM professionals to understand how these issues relate to their work.

With this in mind, you will complete an “In the News” assignment. In the assignment, you will be presented with two cases based on real news articles that have been published in the past couple years. These cases will be adapted and pseudonyms will be used. You will choose one of these cases to write a response to.

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Human Resource Management
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