Critical Analysis Paper

Art Work Analysis
November 5, 2019
Pearlman AH 3337 Instructions for Essay 1
November 5, 2019
This segment of the course evaluation requires students to submit a brief (2-3 pages double-spaced) critical reflection paper in response to an academic journal article (listed as supplementary) addressing a specific theme/issue relating to the sociology of equity and diversity in Canada. This assignment MUST BE submitted prior to the start of the following week’s lecture. Students will be graded on their ability to demonstrate a willingness to engage critically with the assigned article and to show competency and understanding of course material by making connections wherever possible in their overall analysis. In other words, students will be evaluated largely based on their ability to incorporate key course terms, concepts, theories, and other pertinent information gleaned from readings or class discussions into the analysis provided. The link to the article you have to review is
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