Communication Plan

Transforming The organization
November 5, 2019
Law Assignment Discussion
November 5, 2019

Note: Please bear in mind throughout the course the “theoretical” position you hold within the organization is that of a Program Manager as you make your recommendations.

Purpose of this assignment: Think of this assignment/discussion area as a means to reflect upon your communication style as a Program Manager.

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Communication Plan
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To be successful in this discussion thread, you must complete the two self-reflective learning assessments described in this week’s lesson, so that you can share your communications plans with the class. You must then explain how you would use the concept(s) to make the organization identified more effective from a Program Manager’s perspective. You must explain it within the constructs of the course purpose, in particular, in context of the learning objective for the week. Above all, you must explain the concept from a strategic perspective. In other words, your explanation should not focus on just you, but as the Program Manager responsible for millions if not billions of dollars.

Arrange to review Learning Objective Five (Explain key elements of a communications plan to keep stakeholders abreast of progress, problems, and controls) and after you complete the two learning assessments described in this week’s lesson, arrange to share your virtual plan and your face-to-face plan with the others in the classroom. You do not need to share your entire self-assessment with the class (you can if you want), but you need to share the final plan (Step 5 in each assessment).

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words.

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