Spiritual Formation & the Christian Counselor
November 5, 2019
International students tuition, and the impact on student’s lifestyle.
November 5, 2019

For starters this is a military essay on a army program. It would be helpful if someone from the military or related to it answered it.
Main Topics: Recommendations for SGT’s on potential solutions for SHARP. Why do cases of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault continue to take place in the army despite all the training and education that takes place.
I. INTRODUCTION (1 -2 Paragraphs)
A. Opening Statement
B. Background Information
C. Thesis Statement
II. BODY( 2-4 Paragraphs)
A. (Point A) Why does sexual assualt occur? Include supporting evidence
B. (Point B) Does our Current approach to training reduce (or not reduce) the risk of secxual assualt and harassment? (Could be tied to point A)
C. (Point C) Supporting topic and evidence to support your thesis.
D. (Point D) How do we end sexual violence in the military (recommendations/solutions)?
III. CONCLUSION (1- 2 Paragraphs)
A. Summarize the main points.
B. Make a strong, memorable final statement. NOTES: Essay must be 1-2 pages in length(title page does not count as a page). Essay must contain two references (ARs, personal interviews, peer review articles, etc.).

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