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October 26, 2019
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October 26, 2019

Style Guide
All assignments should have citations from readings that follow the Harvard referencing system. Also, assignments should be submitted in Times New Roman 12 point font with 1.5 line spacing. All assignments should have the student ‘s full name and SID on the front cover and be submitted on the EN2801 Canvas site.
EN2801 Assignments – Overview of 2 Assignments for EN2801 Popular Culture & Social Life:
1. Assignment 1: Individual essay (50%) Students will critically account for, and assess popular cultural consumption patterns relating to a fashion and lifestyle topic (see list) Parts A and B (2000 word minimum).
Part A (1000 words minimum): Choose a fashion or lifestyle based popular culture topic from the world of fashion and lifestyle (see list provided for inspiration) and write a 1000 (minimum) word essay giving your own critical reflective account of the topic. You should use at least two references from your lecture notes and readings (cited using the Harvard style – see guidelines) in your short essay { lecture notes and readings detail please look at my upload file}. Choose a youth fashion or lifestyle brand from UK, Asia, China, Australia, US or Europe (see list provided detail please look at my upload file}. When analyzing your popular culture example think firstly who says what, how, to whom, with what effect, and for what purpose in terms of the production and consumption of your pop culture example? {detail please look at my upload file}

Part B (1000 words minimum): Do ONE interview with individual friends OR ONE small focus group of 3-6 people about this brand with your friends asking:
1. What they know about this brand and how do they know about it – where have they seen it?
2. Who wears or uses it?
3. Where is it from? i.e. nationality
4. Why is it popular and what does that mean?
This will enable you to examine just how popular or not the brand that you have chosen is.
Summarise your interview OR focus group findings in a short report and please attach your brief transcript overview in addition to your 2000 word count from the interview or focus group!
Other suggested brands – global, Hong Kong, Japanese or Korean brands – please check with the course instructor.

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