Oliver Twist

Applying Anthropology to Film Analysis
October 26, 2019
Frantz Fanon’s Chapters, “Negro and Language” and “Fact of Blackness” from the book, Black Skin, White Masks
October 26, 2019

You need the read uploaded book-Oliver Twist and write the essay following all instructions below. The uploaded book is the only source you can use and cite it using MLA format. Outside sources are strictly prohibited.

Totally, the essay should include two parts:
Part 1: Reader’s Notes and Response Response & Secondary Source Quotation Analysis of the First half of novel
Part 2: Reader’s Notes and Response Response & Secondary Source Quotation Analysis of the Second half of novel
You need to write two parts individually and each part is one page.
Reader’s Notes
The notes on:
– characterization -setting/atmosphere/mood
-significant quotations
-plot points
-graphically/spacially organized, including headlines -point form!
-page or chapter references
=>evidence of interacting with text as you read
=>providing a guide to help you navigate through the novel
Reader’s notes are meant to be a tool for you to keep track of things that will help you later, not a full out analysis to impress the teacher.

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Oliver Twist
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Response & Secondary Source Quotation Analysis (section A+B)
(A) Personal Response Essay (theme)
-informal, discovery format (thesis arrived at in conclusion) -comparison between personal experience/observation & novel
-1/3 novel analysis + 1/3 introspective personal experience + 1/3 thematic statement/thesis development (in that order)
-cohesive comparison transitions & development
-lively tone, informal diction
-specific references to novel, including quotations
-minimum 3 well developed paragraphs
(B) Source Quotation Analysis (You only need to use the uploaded Reading- Oliver Twist as the secondary source) (quotation must have significant symbolism, imagery or thematic resonance)
-assemble 2 secondary sources (You must look for these in the provided reading) analyzing your quotation -include both indirect references and direct secondary source quotations -append with a list of other novel quotations that connect
-quotation choice has capacity for significant analysis -brief context & entire quotation provided
-strong transitions & MLA referencing
-formal diction
-list is insightful, not obvious

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