Grant Proposal

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October 26, 2019
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October 26, 2019

(Needs Assessment, Program Design, Evaluation, Budget)

Leadership in Health Professions
1. Cover Page (1 point)
2. Needs Assessment (15 Pts)
3. Program Design (22 Pts)
4. Evaluation (5 Pts)
5. Budget (10 Pts)
6. Reference List (6 points)
7. Appendix (4 points)
8. Format (12 Pts)
The Grant Proposal is a practical application of public health concepts. The completion of each part of
the Grant Proposal will reflect the students’ interdependence of resources and information. Students are
encouraged to interact with their classmates in refining their skills in accessing information and
exploring current health concerns.
The suggested page-length of this assignment including the (cover page and reference section) should be
10-20 pages.
Paper guidelines:
 All submissions will be clean and organized
 All submissions will be typed 1.5-spaced with one-inch margins Twelve size font
 Current references (within the past 10 years)
 Documentation should be formatted according to the APA 6
th edition manual
 All proposals should be submitted in a 2-pocket folder
o Grant in one pocket
o Appendices in second pocket
 Space once after commas, colons, and semicolons
 Use paragraphs for different thoughts. Don’t write your paper as one long paragraph (also, indent
paragraphs—use tab key)
 Do not use contractions—write the word out
 All submissions should have a page number on top right of page.
1. Cover Page – 1 page (1 point)
 Project Title:
 Amount Requested:
 Submitted By:
As grant proposals receive a blind review, we will follow that process for our class as well. No names should be
listed on your grant. Instead, students will be assigned a team number when they receive their grant topic and the
team number should be referenced in the “submitted by” area.
2. Needs Assessment – 2 to 3 pages in length (15 points)
Students will develop a needs assessment of the health issue they are investigating for their grant proposal.
Reference citation is required for this section.
 Introduce the health problem/issue
o Tell why this problem is worth studying…give accurate and up-to-date statistical info to support
o Start broad and gradually narrow to your target population
 Start with national statistics, then state data, and finally local information (county/city)
 Define the need for program within the community/target population
o Build a case for why your health behavior is a problem worth funding
 Must utilize at least 4 high quality references (credible journals or CDC, YRBSS, NIH, DHEC, etc)
o Must utilize APA citation format
 In-text citations for direct and indirect quotes
o Submit hard copies of full text references with passages used highlighted

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3. Program Design – 3 to 4 pages in length (22 points)
Students will describe the general operation of the proposed health education program. Include the following
A. Provide the project title.
 Title should be creative.
B. Describe exactly how the proposed program will work – be very specific, as if you were submitting this
proposal to someone who is not involved in health program planning.
This description must include:
 Length, hours, and days of the proposed program
 Location in which the proposed program will be implemented
 A description of the target group’s motivation for entering the program
 Activities that will be used to recruit the target group
C. Identify the personnel (staff) who will plan, implement and evaluate the proposed program. For each position
 Position title(s)
 Required qualifications
 Job descriptions – specific duties and responsibilities
D. Develop a broad program goal and a program objective related to the overall outcome:
 i.e.: The goal of the program is to use the Social Cognitive Theory concepts to increase screenings for HIV
among high-risk populations in downtown Atlanta, Georgia
 By December 1, 2020 the number of HIV cases that are diagnosed at an early stage will increase by 20%
among high risk populations in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.
E. Describe you theory (reference citation required in this section).
 Select a theory which you will utilize during your program (Social Cognitive Theory, Theory of Planned
Behavior, Health Belief Model, Socio-Ecological Theory, Transtheoretical Model, etc).
 Provide a brief historical overview of the selected theory.
 How might this theory be helpful when addressing the problem discussed earlier?
 Why did you select this theory for this particular health problem?
 Must reference 2 additional sources in this section.
F. Create 5 program objectives. These enable goals to be met. The program objectives must be specific,
measurable statement that are outcome oriented. Also, you must have at least one process, one learning, and one
behavioral objective. Do not copy those provided below—you must create original objectives.
 For each objective: name the type of objective and provide a brief narrative which describes a minimum of
one activity which will carry out this objective.
o Process Objective: By September 2019, educational sessions will be provided for at least 100 highrisk young adults in Atlanta on needle use, safe sex, testing, to stop the spread of HIV.
o Learning Objective: By March 2020, at least 100 high risk young adults in Atlanta will be able to
identify at least 6 risk factors for HIV.
o Behavior Objective: By December 2019, at least 40 persons who completed training will agree to
mentor and provide HIV information to at least 10 other friends/acquaintances.
4. Evaluation — 1-2 pages in length (5 points)
Detail the evaluation methods you will utilize for this project. Keep in mind they must be tied into the program
objectives. You will list each objective again and then describe the related evaluation plan.
 Example:
o Process objective—lists of participant’s names, addresses, meetings attended. Names of those
mentored by each.
o By September 2020, educational sessions will be provided for at least 100 high-risk young adults in
Atlanta on needle use, safe sex, testing to stop the spread of HIV.
 Records of those attending training sessions.
o By April 2020, at least 200 of those considered an “at-risk population” will use safe needle/safe sex.
 5 minute “street survey” of 500 randomly selected residents in appropriate age group.
 See powerpoint or suggestions for sources of evaluation data
5. Budget – 1 page in length (10 points)
 Include detailed information on personnel costs (number of persons & salary), supplies, equipment,
advertising/media budget etc.
o i.e.: 3 trained interviewers for “street survey” @ $10/hour @ 20 hours/week for 1 week — $600
o 400 brochures on HIV prevention @ .50 each = $200
 Budget should be submitted in an excel spreadsheet format.
 Grant request cannot exceed $10,000 and expenditures must be completed within 18 months of receiving
 Funds cannot be used to fund expenses or permanent staff positions, to purchase computer hardware, to
duplicate existing programs, or to fund costs for buildings.
6. Reference List – 1 page in length (6 points)
 6 or more SCHOLARLY references are used and listed using the American Psychological Association 6th
o Minimum of 4 references for needs assessment.
o Minimum of 2 references for theory research/program design.
 Must provide a hard copy of the references utilized in grant proposal with passages highlighted which were
7. Appendices – multiple pages (5 points)
A. Letters of Commitment
 Write a letter of commitment for your grant from an agency that might support your program.
B. Copies of References
 Include a copy of each reference article (minimum of 6) used. Highlight passages used and write source at the
TOP of the article using the same format you used for reference list.
8. Format/General Concerns (12 points)
 Students should schedule an appointment and visit the writing lab prior to the assignment due date.
 Grant proposal should have clear organization following the format provided in the guidelines.
 Work will be evaluated on appropriate grammar, syntax, and punctuation use.
 Work will follow appropriate use of APA format
o In-text citations
o Reference page citations
 10-20 pages in length (-1 point per page short)
(If either bullet point 3 or 4 is severely inadequate—it can result in loss of 7.5 points.)

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