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October 26, 2019
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October 26, 2019

Throughout history artists have engaged with landscapes in crisis, both as purely subject matter and within political frameworks. Choosing up to four artists (no less than two) from different periods compare and contrast how these artists have engaged with the environmental changes of and concerns for the landscape?

From, Europe to North America to Australia the landscape genre has often been central to defining key national; characteristics, identity and periods of change and developments. Choosing the work of a number artists from one period describe how has the landscape been used in building and defining notions of national identity.

The landscape genre has predominately been defined as art depicting nature. However, many artists have engaged with the city and suburbia – locations where most of the world’s populations live – as landscape. How have artists engaged with notions of progress and development, the everyday and loneliness through their depiction of cities and/or suburbia?

The purpose of this essay is for you to engage with broader conceptual and theoretical issues presented throughout the
subject by addressing one of the essay questions, which will be listed on LMS. This is an academic essay and therefore should
follow the formal and structured requirements of such a piece of writing. You should construct your argument using points
and examples from key texts, both those listed in the readings and other sources you have found in your research, and
relevant works of art.
When writing the essay, you should consider the following:
• Demonstrate the ability to carry out thorough, detailed and relevant research from both primary and secondary
• Demonstrate the ability to visually and critically analyse, interpret and contextualise artworks using academic language,
in relation to the essay question;
• Demonstrate the ability to use logical argument and clarity of expression;
• Where appropriate use quotes or facts from the relevant theoretical readings/research that explain your understanding
of the essay question and support your argument.
When writing academically you should:
• Demonstrate written assignment presentation skills as per accepted formatting and presentation;
• Demonstrate the ability to write with clarity of expression to describe creative works;
• Use academic language to identify, describe and explain what you are writing about;
• Avoid generalisations and stereotypical assumptions;
• Ensure absence of grammatical errors – spelling, punctuation etc.;
• Include evidence to support key points (i.e. facts, quotes, referencing, visual analysis) to show the reader what your
ideas are based on and where your information came from;
• Show evidence of the reading related to the selected essay question which supports the analysis and discussion of the
essay question;
• Use multiple reference sources i.e. journals, books, exhibition essays and catalogues, artist interviews, video
presentations and artworks to support your arguments;
• Demonstrate consistent and academically appropriate referencing;
• If referencing artworks include images and correct attribution details.

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