American Civil War

October 26, 2019
Urban Sociology Paper Assignment
October 26, 2019

In his Gettysburg address of 1863, President Abraham Lincoln spoke of government “of the people, by the people, for the people” and of “a new birth of freedom.” From your Voices reader, review the writings of Mary Livermore, Frederick Douglass, the Black Residents of Nashville, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. How did one of these authors (your choice) hope that this new birth would manifest itself during or after the American Civil War? Do you think that it did? Why or why not? Be sure to cite evidence from your Foner textbook in your answer.


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American Civil War
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Your responses should be approximately 500 words. Strive to make a clear and decisive argument in each essay by dividing it into three parts:

1. Exposition. Your first paragraph should describe the reading, and briefly explain what you have decided about the questions posed.

2. Development. The middle of your essay should explain your answer. It should offer details about the main arguments and content of the reading to support your claims. It should also offer background from Give Me Liberty!

3. Conclusion. Your last paragraph should recapitulate your argument, and add some final point that you think bolsters your perspective.

You can use phrases like “in this essay I argue . . . ” or “I think that . . . ” or “in conclusion, I believe that . . . ”

Quote a little from the readings when you find some passage that illustrates your points. Use your Give Me Liberty! textbook to provide background, or to add additional quotes. When you quote, reference your quote at the end of the sentence like this:

(Give Me Liberty!, 375) or (Voices, 96).

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