America Now

Legal Issue
October 26, 2019
Reflection Paper
October 26, 2019

For essay #2, you will expand on one of the America Now topics below. This essay must be four complete pages long and typed. You are required to incorporate three quotations throughout your composition, including one from America Now. Include a works cited page to your essay. The quotations should not be longer than two sentences. If you choose not to submit or to submit late, this will result in an unsuccessful grade for the overall class grade.

“Writing an argumentative research paper (Links to an external site.) involves exploring a topic, collecting and analyzing evidence, then establishing a position on the topic. It is called an argumentative research paper because the goal is to form an argument in defense of a specific position.

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America Now
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An argumentative research paper requires extensive research, either by reviewing relevant existing literature or by first-hand data collection through interviews, surveys or experiments. You must collect and analyze a significant amount of research in order to understand competing arguments and develop an appropriate position on the topic. The empirical research then enables you to defend your position with evidence.” (Links to an external site.)

This essay must follow MLA conventions and be 12’ font, double spaced, Times Roman. For MLA formatting, please visit the class website and review the MLA PowerPoint (Links to an external site.)) or the “MLA” link.

Finally, incorporate a strong thesis and make sure to develop your paragraphs fully and to include effective transitions. Points are automatically deducted if you do not include an argumentative thesis. When revising your essay, focus on counter argumentations, evidence, clarifications to your points, clarity, unity, precision, conciseness, organization, and grammar as discussed in class.

Question #1 on pg. 248 under Thinking Critically: Do you think a liberal education is more beneficial than a more focused education? Why or why not?
Question #2 on pg. 254 under Writing Activities: What do you think are the benefits of a vocational education? Building on the support that Tabarrok presents, further the argument that vocational education should be de-stigmatized in American education.
Question #3 on pg. 261 under Writing Activities: Do you think “what you know” or “who you know” is more important? Write an essay that explores this question.
Question1 on pg.270 under Writing Activities: Write an essay that responds to Herman Cain’s statement, “if you’re not rich, blame yourself.” Discuss not only whether you agree with this statement, but why you think this is a common opinion.
Question #3 on pg.271 under Writing Activities: What do you think the solution to the problem of this class system is? Do you agree with Marche, that we should acknowledge it so it doesn’t get worse? Or do you think that social mobility is still an option, and conceding a class system would be detrimental to American society?
Question #1 on pg.294 under Writing Activities: Using Lembitz’s essay as support write an essay either against or in support of the Occupy movement. How does her narrative exemplify your opinion of the movement?
Question #1 on pg. 297 under From Discussion to Writing: Drawing from the essays in this unit, formulate your own argument about economic mobility in America. Be sure to use quotations and specific examples to support your argument.

To refresh your approach to research and formatting refer to the Modules and your other required readings:

MLA Overview and Workshop (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)

✔️Review this checklist prior to submitting your work.

Guidelines for essays:

Please underline your thesis statement or change it to red font.

All essays are research-based argument essays. Your job is to identify a viewpoint, find recent sources to support the viewpoint, and express the viewpoint objectively and specifically starting with a thesis statement and following with examples, details and specifics from sources and from your viewpoint that has resulted from reading a variety of recent sources.

As these are not narrative essays, the use of I statements and personal anecdotes are not appropriate.

Information in essays must be current within the past year.

Essays must be at least 4 full pages in length up to 5 full pages (nothing less or more), not counting Works Cited page.

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