Visual Rhetoric

IT Assignment
October 10, 2019
Cultural Journalism in the Late 1960s
October 11, 2019

The last two chapters in Praxis focused on visual rhetoric—taking visual media and looking for the subtext or hidden messages embedded in the surface message. Now you’ll select one controversial advertisement (you can find something online or in print) to evaluate and analyze.

After you’ve selected your print advertisement, formulate a thesis statement in response to this prompt: Which of Aristotle’s rhetorical strategies (ethos, pathos, logos, Kairos) is the advertisement employing the most to manipulate the audience?

Your essay must be driven by an in-depth thesis claim, meaning that the analysis must extend beyond the obvious. The thesis statement must be limited to a single sentence. Your essay must also demonstrate critical thinking, include examples from the advertisement (the context) to support your claim.
2 pages in length, MLA format (typed, double-space, Times New Roman font, size 12)

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