Psychology Writing Assignment

Benchmark – Professional Capstone and Practicum Reflective Journal
October 11, 2019
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October 11, 2019

There is much discussion on conserving our natural resources and implementing recycling programs. There is little resistance to recycling when we are talking about aluminum, glass, and paper. However, when the discussion turns to recycling waste water into drinking water, there are issues for and against this recycling practice. Students will consider the pros and cons in their own views of the issues of water resources as it is related to psychology. Your instructor will provide specific resources that you will read and be asked to integrate with what you are learning in this course. After reading the assigned materials you are expected to express and support your own opinion and to assess your own ethical values. You are to integrate this information with what you have learned in this course. Consider the pros and cons in your own view of the issues of water resources as it is related to psychology. Identify and support at least two different viewpoints that are presented in the information provided. You are expected to express your own opinion, support your opinion and to assess your own perspective. Describe how psychology might be a factor in supporting or denying the importance of sewage water and waste-water recycling into bottled drinking water.

Please read the following web articles on the psychology of recycling wastewater into drinking water:
1) Toilet Water Psychology and Earth Magazine
Watch the following Videos:
2) Science and Technology and Toilet to Tap
PART 1 – Communication
In your own words briefly summarize the content of one video clip. Specifically state the purpose of this video and view presented in the video that you choose. When summarizing the content remember that the person reading your paper may not have seen the video. How does the topic in the video relate to psychology, and reflect psychological factors?

PART 2 – Critical Thinking
Write an essay that analyzes the toilet to tap issue as applied to psychology:
• Discuss 3 personal values that may determine if you would or would not recycle wastewater. How did you acquire these values from parents, politics, religion, education, experience, or other ways?
• Identify concerns or issues (at least 2) about drinking or using wastewater. Are you willing to drink or use the water… why or why not?
• Describe multiple viewpoints of recycling wastewater. How might others interpret this form of recycling? This may include perspectives of politicians, health care professionals, ecologists, local citizens and your own perspective.

In your discussion you must exhibit your learning in this course by expressing your ideas and integrating your ideas with your understanding of psychological concepts. You MUST include, relate and expand on at least 2 (two) of the psychology theories or theoretical concepts relevant to your discussion. Select these 2 (two) concepts from the following list:

-semantic memory
-procedural memory
-misinformation effect
-Classical Conditioning
-Social Cognitive Perspective
-problem solving strategies

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