Environmental Problem

October 11, 2019
Education System
October 11, 2019

Every piece of land and sea on our planet is already affected by human activities. There are traces of plastics and other pollutants everywhere, from the depths of the oceans to the top of the highest mountains and from the deserts to the frigid polar areas. We need to act right now to preserve our natural resources.

Scientists are in charge of investigating biological processes to inform us about how the ecosystems are being affected by our activities. They also forecast possible scenarios in case we change our present use of natural resources, or in case we decide not to make any change. However, the solution to the many environmental problems we are facing are very complex and do not depend solely on the work of scientist. It involves everyone and every country. Ecological problems go beyond national borders and require cooperation among national governments.

The potential solutions to alleviate or ameliorate the effects of our activities on the environment imply technological, political, and economic changes that will modify our way of life. At this point, we have to choose between paying the price for making those changes or paying the price of not changing anything. However, it is very important to notice that the price of doing nothing may be catastrophic for future generations.

As a final reflection for the course, choose one among the following issues and discuss your ideas about what changes you think are necessary to diminish and/or revert this environmental problem. Elaborate and include economic, political and biological arguments that support your ideas.

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