Web Design

Facility Planning Part 3
October 10, 2019
Website Development
October 10, 2019

Your report should include the items below.
◾ Discuss the navigation system for your website. (See the Unit III Lesson for details.) Be sure to identify the individual elements that will guide the visitor through your website (e.g., the menus, links, images, maps). For example, will you have a navigation menu on each page? If so, discuss what links will be on the menu and how they will navigate the visitor through your website.
◾ Define and discuss any changes you made to your website’s color scheme.
◾ Define and discuss any changes made to the page layout for your home page and underlying pages. Illustrate these changes by using diagrams or illustrations.
◾ Explain how you will control page layout with CSS. (Use Lab Part C as a guide.)
◾ Create and provide a plan for testing; in other words, discuss how you will conduct the testing of your website and what you will test. How will you know your website is ready to be published?
◾ Create and provide a budget plan for publishing and maintaining your website. In other words, develop the budget for your website. Discuss how much it will cost if you choose a web hosting service. If you use a shopping cart or storefront, how much will this service cost? Be sure to define all of the costs involved in hosting and maintaining your website. (See Unit III Lesson for details.)
Report should be two full pages.

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