Research Paper

Book Review
October 10, 2019
Tin Pan Alley’s Legacy
October 10, 2019

Write a two-page paper on one of the topics listed below. Please note that the topics are intended as prompts, not as questions to be answered in full. How you compose your paper is up to you: you must decide how much you need to say, and in what order, if you are to treat your topic adequately. You also should be selective: you need not analyze of every page of the story you choose to write about. Focus on those passages of the story that seem most significant when it comes to your topic.

So, your assignment is to discuss the narration and the narrator for the story I attach on file. Be sure to address the implied or openly expressed attitude toward (or the point of view on) the story’s action and characters. Is it, for example, ironic? Playful? Sentimental? Deceptive? And so on.

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