Japanese Monarchy

October 10, 2019
ANA Standards
October 10, 2019

In Splendid Monarchy T. Fujitani (See uploaded Reading-1) discusses the problems of “the misrecognition of the Japanese monarchy as feudal or premodern” (p.26) and moves on to demonstrate that the 19C Japanese monarchy was integral to Japan’s political modernity.

(1) Discuss in concrete the ways in which Fujitani relies on Michel Foucault’s approach to the disciplinary regime of power to demonstrate that Japanese monarchy was central to Japan’s political modernity.

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Japanese Monarchy
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(2) For Fujitani what is at stake in problematizing and debunking “the misrecognition of the Japanese monarchy as feudal or premodern”? What exactly are the problems stemming from such misrecognition and what can be gained by adopting such a critical approach as his? Discuss this point by connecting it to Dipesh Chakrabarty’s critique of historicism or “stagist theory of history.” (For Dipesh Chakrabarty, you need to read the uploaded Reading-2)

Write a paper that responds to both (1) & (2).

You need to cite both of the uploaded Reading-1 and Reading-2. Use Chicago style.

Please make sure your Chicago footnote citations and bibliographies are 100% correct because my prof is very picky about that. THANK YOU.

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