Article Summary

Literature Review
October 10, 2019
American Voter Turnout
October 10, 2019

Title page in APA 6th edition format
-Include name, course, title of your paper, and date
-A Running head should be used
-1-2 pages typed in APA 6th edition format summarizing the article provided. The article should be paraphrased and summarized. The content should be divided as follows:
-Summary of article
-You must include at least two in-text citations in APA 6th edition format
-Concepts and summaries are to be paraphrased
-Verbatim quotes from the article should be avoided. Paraphrase what is stated.
Implications for nursing practice
-Define how this will affect your future nursing practice (this must be written in the 3rd person, not 1st). Do not use “I,” use “The author”, “the writer”, etc.
3. Reference list in APA 6th edition format

-At least two scholarly references must be utilized.
-One scholarly reference must be from a valid and reliable nursing journal
-All references must be within 5 years

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