Stem Cells

Sociology Essay
October 9, 2019
Journal Entry
October 9, 2019

Discussion Question 1: Stem Cells
Locate a credible web site that describes Stem Cells and/or Stem Cell Research and share it with your classmates. The use of stem cells harvested from embryonic tissue for research in the United States is limited by the government. What do you think about this issue? How much government regulation should be in place? Should researchers have access to embryonic cells? What is the difference between adult stems cells and embryonic stems cells? Why do researchers prefer embryonic stem cells?

Current and past government administrations have had very different opinions on what sources of stem cells may be used. If you had a role in policy making, what rules would you suggest? Be sure to substantiate your comments with factual data. For example, if you are in favor of embryonic stem cell research use scientific data to support your opinion, if you are not in favor use scientific data to support your opinion.

NOTE: Cite a reputable website where you got your information;

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