Sociology Essay

Case Study Project
October 9, 2019
Stem Cells
October 9, 2019

Your task is to write an essay on the topic below:
“Goffman offers many insights into what power is and how it actually works…We ought to think of Goffman as a significant theorist of power” (Richard Jenkins).
How should we evaluate Goffman’s contribution to our understanding of how power works in society?
You MUST read and use the uploaded Reading1~5.
For Introduction, you need to write:
A statement on the issues at stake in light of the question that is being addressed opening paragraph “The concept of the habitus is one of Pierre Bourdieu’s core concerns and it has inspired a great deal of sociological research. For example, …. consider this……There is some debate to be had, however, over the precise ways in which Bourdieu intended this concept to be used. It is also the case that we might question the extent to which it exists more as a theoretical premise than an actual form of experience…” (100-150 words)
A clear statement of argument. “This essay will argue that in his concept of the habitus Bourdieu aimed to…… It will further argue that…. In this a particular focus will be brought to….It will contend that his achievement here lies in …” (100-150 words)
An outline of the structure and design of the essay. “In the first section I outline some of the ways in which Bourdieu defined and developed the concept of ‘the habitus’… through his work. In the second section I explore his aims and objects when bringing a focus to the habitus. Here I will focus on his work in…. The third section of the essay offers a critical assessment of Bourdieu’s analysis of the habitus by…..” (100-150 words)
Then write the rest according to the Introduction. Make sure to include a Conclusion.
You need to cite 7 sources in Harvard style.
5 sources are the provided Reading1~5
Find another 2 same typed sources by yourself.
I also uploaded a Havard_UK_Requirement.pdf and you must refer to it and write 100% correct in-text citations and “References” Page. Failure to use correct citations will fail me in the essay since my professor was extremely picky. After receiving your paper, I will check every in-text citations and make sure they are make sure they are 100% correct. If you do not use correct citations, I may request a full refund. I don’t hope this to happen so please be responsible.

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