Project Management

Myth Analysis
October 9, 2019
English as a second language in the US
October 9, 2019

Annotate two points of interest from your readings this week. Your initial post should be at least 300 words.
Note: Please bear in mind throughout the course the “theoretical” position you hold within the organization is that of a Program Manager as you make your recommendations. Purpose of this assignment: Think of this assignment/discussion area as a means for us to discuss the concepts, principles, and real-world applications that pertain to this week’s readings. I am asking each of you what you thought were the two most important Program Management, Project Management, and/or complexity concepts that you read in the chapters! To be successful in this discussion thread, you must define/describe the concepts that you found to be most interesting and/or applicable to a present or past work situation. You must then explain how you would use the concept(s) to make the organization identified more effective from a Program Manager’s perspective. You must explain it within the constructs of the course purpose, in particular, in the context of the learning objective for the week. Above all, you must explain the concept from a strategic perspective. In other words, your explanation should not focus on a single person, but as mission-critical information that would help make a Program Manager successful.

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