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October 9, 2019
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October 9, 2019

In a minimum limit of three full pages per prompt, craft well-written responses to two of the following prompts listed below. There is no maximum limit of words or pages. You will need to refer to and cite information used in your written responses from your textbook, Gone to Texas.
Each response must include support from at least five citations from Gone to Texas and at least two citations from a primary resource. These can be found in secondary references such as Documents of Texas History and Major Problems in Texas History as well as various digital archives, such as the Portal to Texas History (Links to an external site.) (see my caveat about Internet sources below first!)
Submission: All papers must be submitted on Canvas. Do not use Google Docs, as Canvas has difficulty converting the formatting. Please submit your file as .doc, .docx, or .pdf. Canvas will not accept any other file format. I will not accept papers that are emailed to me.

Required format:

Font – Use either Times New Roman (12pt), Calibri (11pt), or Arial (11pt).
Margins – 1 inch margins all around
Page numbers at the bottom and centered on each page after the cover sheet.
Double-space, do not include extra spacing between paragraphs.
The cover sheet and works cited do not count towards the minimum length.
Cover Sheet – Name, assignment title with the chosen prompts, course number and section (ex HIST 2301-20350), and date should be single spaced, center aligned, and placed in middle of the cover sheet. Example:
Student name
Midterm essay (prompts x and y)
Course number and section
Due date

The essay should be organized into multiple paragraphs including an introduction, body paragraphs, and a concluding analysis.
All citations, including the works cited page, should be in footnotes in accordance with the current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). MLA, APA, or any other format is not acceptable.
Please refer to the Writing Guide handout for suggestions on how to avoid common writing problems.
Internet sources, save for those used for primary sources from a government or academic website (.gov and .edu) are prohibited for this assignment. Newspaper archives and digital primary documents such as from the Portal to Texas History are acceptable. Commercial websites (history.com, Wikipedia, thestoryoftexas.com, etc) are specifically forbidden. Any direct citation of a non-government or academic Internet source will result in a failing grade. When in doubt, ask me before you use an internet source!

Prompts (choose two of these!)

Trace the development of Spanish settlement in Texas. Discuss the Spanish mission system and explain the influence of the Catholic Church in the empire of New Spain with specific emphasis on Texas. Also explore how Spanish policies regarding the settlement of Texas changed over the course of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Explain when and why this policy changed over time. In closing, discuss Spain’s legacy in Texas.

What parties were responsible for the dissolution of the relationship between Anglos living in Texas and the Mexican government? Explain. What events and policies led to war between Texas and Mexico? Explain. Do you believe that the Texas Revolution was unavoidable, given the positions taken by both sides? Explain using as much detail as possible.

Trace the leadership goals and presidencies of both Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar during the Republic Era. Highlight their policy differences on Native Americans, annexation into the United States vs. empire, relations with Mexico, location of the capitol, the economy, and their political personas. Discuss the Ordinances of Annexation and why the majority of Anglos in Texas would have supported annexation.

Discuss the social, political, and physical changes and conditions in Texas from 1845-1860. In your opinion, what was the greatest social and political issue during this period of Texas Statehood? Explain.

Discuss the road to the Civil War. In your opinion, what specific events moved the nation from rhetoric to violence? Explain. Discuss Sam Houston’s contributions, positions and actions over the course of the 1850s. Were his efforts in vain? Explain the reasons why Texas chose to leave the Union in 1861. Please use specific detail from the Declaration of Causes.

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