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Employee Voices In Restructuring
October 9, 2019
Synthesis Essay
October 9, 2019

In Chapter 1, you read about the history of hospitality and travel. Now, look at what is expected in the future. Using the CSU Online Library, answer the questions below. The CSU Online Library has a database titled Regional Business News. Another database that offers a more global perspective is Academic OneFile. You may want to contact a librarian for guidance on how to search using the databases.
Access the CSU Online Library through your myCSU Student Portal.
Search the two databases mentioned above using “tourism” as your search term.
In Academic OneFile, you will want to click on “Magazines” to get a more focused search on news.
Answer the following questions:
Identify three items or trends that you think are similar or different from what is written about the historical view of tourism located in your textbook.
Analyze the facts that encouraged the development of tourism activities, and provide a summary addressing the similarities and differences between what has happened in the past and the present.
Has history repeated itself?
Are there things happening in today’s world that are similar to things that happened in the past?
Your review must be a minimum two pages in length, not counting a reference page. Three sources are required including at least one from the CSU Online Library.

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