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October 7, 2019
October 7, 2019

From a human resource management perspective, Information Technology (IT) can be leveraged throughout a company to assist its employees with achieving the commonly-desired strategic goal of competitive advantage. However, to accomplish that task, such IT systems must align with the overall vision of the company, along with the vision of that department (which should also align with the company’s vision). Moreover, departmental staff must be aware of how their use of IT can play a role in achieving such competitive advantage. For example, a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can be used to improve HR staff performance, thus driving competitive advantage within the HR department and on behalf of the company. Therefore, appropriate technology management strategies involve both vision alignment and competitive awareness.

For this assignment, write a one to two page paper that accomplishes the following:

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Technology Management Web Page
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Identify a company that leveraged an HRIS to improve the company’s competitive position.
Describe the company, and why the action was identified as an appropriately competitive HR strategy.
Identify the HRIS features and/or functionality that accomplished the company’s strategic goal.
Explain how this HR strategy aligned with both the HR department’s and the overall company’s stated visions.
Describe the technological and competitive results the company accomplished with their HR strategy.

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