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Project Proposal
October 7, 2019
Supply Chain Management
October 7, 2019

To write a proposal that previews and contextualizes the issue, and argues for your ability to write a detailed formal report on the topic,
to practice research and documentation,
to analyze and synthesize primary and secondary sources, and
to create a document that is rhetorically effective in both form and content.

Because one of the greatest challenges of any writing project is determining “where to begin,” our second major assignment will help to answer this question with respect to the final, formal report that you’ll be writing for this class.

This assignment asks that you propose to me the subject of your final formal report. (For reference, you’ll find that prompt here.) In your final report, you’ll write in detail about a current issue affecting your field. But you must know a little something about it first, to demonstrate that a) it is a current subject worth studying and b) that it appropriate for the scope of your final report. This proposal requires that you use at at least five current (no earlier than 2017) secondary sources.  This sources will show that the topic you propose to research in detail is indeed a current issue that bears research and discussion.

For this proposal, you’ll need to:

outline the topic, demonstrating that it is indeed a current issue impacting the field,
provide context so that your reader understands the issue you plan to research,
propose what questions you intend to answer in your formal report, or what you plan to research and discover,
provide a timeline as to when you’ll complete various aspects of the final assignment so that it will be finished by the due date,
demonstrate your own personal interest in the issue, or your “qualifications” to address the topic, and
do so in an appropriately formatted internal proposal that is between 750-1000 words long.

You will need to use electronic secondary sources* in addition to any primary source information that you located in your Short Report (should you choose to use that information). You should locate at least FIVE current (no earlier than 2017), reputable sources that will help you and your audience understand this problem. This information can help provide context, provide statistics, some history as to the issue, and so on. Synthesize the information you have gathered with your own ideas and insight.

*I must be able to access all sources used in this report, via either the deep or surface web. If you have a book you’d like to use, please get approval from me first.

Notes and Tips:

This is an internal document.  Address it to me.
Narrow your scope. Topics that are too broad may feel easy to research (“Diabetes,” or “The Financial Crisis,” or “Construction Costs), but the discussion of the material will be too superficial. Instead, tighten the focus (“Type 2 Diabetes in Los Angeles County” or “Impact of Interest Rates on _______,” or “LEED Building in the City of Santa Monica.”)
Make use of the library resources provided.
Use either APA or MLA formatting for your sources, as long as you’re consistent.

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