Operations Management

Demand-side Policies and the Great Recession of 2008
October 7, 2019
Food Trackers and Heath
October 7, 2019

You are the operations manager at ABC Clothing. The company would like to gain a better understanding of what operations management is. For this assignment, utilize the online library, and look through several business periodicals to help you describe what operations management (OM) is; what operations managers do; and some new exciting trends in operations management. Submit a one-page memo (no more no less) to the ABC Clothing executive staff, exclusive of the reference page. The memo must be in Times New Roman font, 12 points in size. The memo should cite at least two sources in APA format. One source can be your textbook. Please make sure you review the Assignment Rubric.


Step 1: Type a one-page memo with your opinions

Step 2: Submit your memo to Moodle.

Please use APA formatting in your paper. A good resource to brush up on your APA skills is the OWL website – http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/.

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