Internship Report

Food Trackers and Heath
October 7, 2019
Evidence-Based-Practice Proposal Presentation
October 7, 2019

Internship company:

At the completion of your internship, you must submit a two-part paper (3-5 pages) reflecting on your internship experience and the insights you gained regarding your future career goals and plans.

a) What did you learn? Evaluate your internship experience. Did you achieve your learning objectives? What did you learn about the organization/company/industry? What did you learn about yourself what skills and behaviors were effective? What development needs did you discover?

b) How will this experience shape your career goals and job search? Develop a self-marketing plan that indicates your career objectives subsequent to graduation and a step-by-step plan to achieve your goal. Discuss networking connections made during your internship experience.

Also, you can make up a story such as,
“When I first applied internship I was very pessimistic~” like this. But (a) and (b) must be stated in the paper as a paragraph format.

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