Cybersecurity: DNS Tunneling

Scholarly Paper Phase 1 Guidelines and Grading Rubric
September 14, 2019
Comm Correction
September 14, 2019

Need a paper about about the technique known as DNS Tunneling, which is used by hackers to exfiltrate data over the DNS protocol, it should also include the things mentioned below. Here are some example posts that could provide further information.

DNS tunneling techniques in cyberattacks

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Cybersecurity: DNS Tunneling
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What is DNS Tunneling?

Tunneling Data and Commands Over DNS to Bypass Firewalls

Must include the below
-Title page
– Abstract or summary for the report
– Introduction
– Related work with review of literature
– Problem and motivation
– Implementation and analysis (Experimental procedures)
– Results/outcome of the experimental procedures
– Discussion – countermeasures/recommendation
Conclusion and future work
– References (make sure the references are cited within the report)

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